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About - THE SHREDDER - Hard Rub's First Official Author.

Hard Rub is excited to add blogs to our site which will be dedicated to all aspects of Berlins darker lifestyle and underground art. We welcome our first writer, THE SHREDDER! A creature of many talents with an iconic look, Shredder has written an introduction for our readers:


"I came to Berlin 13 years ago through a ritual led by Anita Drink and Clea Cutthroat. I possessed this humanly body that was also a musician and enhanced his abilities. It took many years before I could get my bearings on the earth, slowly, but surely I became an established creature of the nightlife in Berlin.

And now among many other projects, I will be a writer for this blog on HARDRUB. I will write about different subjects related to the Berlin underground/fetish scene and nightlife. I'll tell you about my 13 years of experience as a demon living among the humans in Berlin, and how the club scene has molded me. I will inform you about the new music trends, and fashions Plus ill tell you stories of perversions and my experiences in the underground club/fetish scene. I also will try to do some VLOGGING with some video content. So I say “hello” to new blog world! I am hoping my content engages you, and gives you a bit of solace during these “Apokalipstick” times!!!"

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