Lilith Terra was born in 1977 in Bochum and started self photography in 2012. The artist lives in Berlin, photographs from the inner circle as an active part of the BDSM scene and not just an observer; often she is often takes part in her photographs and is not just behind the camera.


Her pictures tell stories. They are voyeuristic-looking reflections, like "movie stills" of real situations, sessions and experiences. Her models are real. They live the image and pose not only for the camera. Lilith Terra's photographs challenge the viewers and encourage them to think further, beyond the image.


Metaphors tell of desires, fears, interpersonal relationships; it engages in a moment both internal and external relationships with oneself and with others. Lilith Terra also knows how to stage a moment as well as hold on to it, to capture an expression and a passion and to photographically capture the essentials for the present. Her art moves between timeless aesthetics and surreal pictorial metaphors, she is a strong expression of an intimate world, full of urges, passion, fantasy, devotion and love


portrait picture in bio by Henning Schulz.