#I do everything with nothing   #I do what I want with what I have   #the most important:

It´s not the body you actually have, but it´s what you are doing with it!


Krousky was born in a working class familiy in France, the street was his school and he was growing up in political squats and subversive environment. He is a pro dom in BDSM and documenting the dark side of humanity, deep secrets , primitive hidden behaviour and unspoken phantasies.


He worked and shot international bands like cypress hill, nofx,  suicidal tendencies and many more"


He is a suspension performer, does bloody freakshows and is an art and video director. He was shooting for Bad Bruises for two years and documents the most underground side of Berlin, lifestyle, parties and most secret events


Krousky is founder of the Apokalipstick party series which he now runs together with Stevo Spahr.