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Hard Rub: Celebrating the Unknown


What are we? Who knows. We’re daring alchemists, mixing toxic substances in the hope that they’ll explode. Electroclash meets punk rock. Dynamite plus adrenochrome. Dark fantasies brought to life.


We create events for the underbelly of Berlin, rejoicing in the art that springs from the madness. Question everything, judge nothing and let it all happen. Become a new version of yourself and go further than ever before. 


What we do know for sure: without you, we are nothing.  



The essentials:


HARD RUB is sex positive and LGBTQI+ friendly by design, but we aren’t a fetish, sex or swinger club. 


We do have a strict dress code. Most of our events are themed and we encourage you to be inventive - street clothes, including jeans, sneakers and anything that wouldn’t raise any eyebrows in daylight are strictly prohibited. 


Our usual venue, INSOMNIA, has plenty of spaces where you can play and enjoy each other; however, we have a zero tolerance policy towards predatorial behaviour, homophobia, macho attitudes or discrimination of any kind. Common sense, respect and consent are essential; anyone that doesn’t comply with this will be immediately ejected to the toxic outerworld where they belong.   


And one last thing:


WE DO NOT PLAY TECHNO. We have nothing against it, but let’s face it: in Berlin, it’s everywhere. We want to provide an exciting, sexy and kinky alternative to this monoculture - and we’re committed to providing the finest eclectic and alternative DJs to get you moving. 




HARD RUB was founded in 2016 by Berlin-based entrepreneur Stevo, who has a long background in distributing and designing fashion. He started with his own jewellery brand in the early 80s before becoming European distributor and head of design for brands such as Dickies, Tribal, Dissizit and Dosse Posse, just to name a few.


After some years in architecture, he decided to focus on HARD RUB and TORTURE GARDEN BERLIN, together with Mark Clewes


The first HARD RUB took place at DARKSIDE, a legendary BDSM club that was transformed into an art space with live music and performances. Unfortunately DARKSIDE closed its doors soon after and so we joined forces with APOKALIPSTICK for a year. In 2019 HARD RUB briefly resided at MACE, which sadly didn’t survive the pandemic. Finally we found a new home which fits us perfectly: at the legendary INSOMNIA nightclub.


Online Shop:


We have currently closed our online shop and halted work on jewellery design in order to focus on our events, but you can still buy our existing products or make a request. Check out the jewellery section of our gallery; if you like something send us an email and we’ll happily make you an offer. You can also purchase most of our products at THE CODE in Berlin.


Dress code:


Look out for the theme of each night, but in general think: Fetish / Freakshow / Military / Creative / Bladerunner / 5th Element / Mad Max / Kinky / Naked / Circus / Cabaret / Rocky Horror / Cosplay / Decadent / Voodoo


Street clothes will not be permitted!

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